Our Story

We've scoured the length and breadth of our fair Isles meeting suppliers, testing products and ensuring that when we say "Made in Britain" we really mean it.

It all began back home, with a love of British food and a hankering for adventure. We wanted to bring Brits in the US a taste of home and share our favourites with our American friends.

We learned the crafts of butchery, meat curing and pie making from some incredible British butchers, combining those skills with the best meats and recipes the British Isles had to offer. Then we got married, packed our bags and set off for our new life in America.


It's been a long road, from our first tiny kitchen in Vermont to our new home in Buffalo. Along the way, we’ve become a Great British institution, satisfying the hunger of big organisations like MINI and the Royal British Legion, featuring on Gordon Ramsey’s menu and winning celebrity customers like Nick Frost and Gary Oldman.


We’ve even been named Best British Shop in America – and Best British Shop in the World!