Our Ethos

It’s not enough for us to just sell fantastic products all around the world, frankly anybody can do that with a bit of elbow grease. Instead we aim for no less than being the first name in ethical and responsible retail, with great care put into supporting the dedicated manufacturers and shopkeepers whose products show the best of what a nation can achieve. To this end, we’re committed to upholding a series of key values.

Our KEY values

We respect the right of our shopkeepers to manage their own shops, their way. Their unique character and heritage is what makes them special.

We give our shopkeepers the tools and the space to live and grow at their own pace.

We are forward-thinking and always seek to provide cutting-edge experiences to our customers and shopkeepers.

We operate from a position of knowledge and expertise, never expecting from our community that which we could not uphold ourselves.

We protect the privacy and security of our community without question.

We offer whatever assistance we can to nurture and safeguard our shopkeepers.

We never seek change in others to the benefit of ourselves. Your quirks are our strength.