We want to give you a little extra thank you for choosing the High Street, as not only do you help us to spread our heritage across the US but also give exposure to the manufacturers and skilled craftsmen that keep their traditions alive. Only with your patronage can we keep the important skills of our ancestors alive in this age of cheap, low-quality consumer goods and cold discount-hunting.

To thank you for choosing one or more of our fantastic shops for your luxury gifts and treats, we've introduced the Premier Streets Reward Scheme. As part of the Premier Streets family, any shopping you do on the UK High Street will be rewarded with points credited to your account. These points can be redeemed for a discount off your next order and, soon, all kinds of promotional goods and gifts. Our shopkeepers are free to add any of their products they'd like to the Reward Catalogue, so keep checking back to see if anything else has been added!

You can check your Reward Points total in your customer account - just head to the 'My Reward Points' menu for a summary of the points you've earned and redeemed.

Your reward points are valid across the entire Premier Streets marketplace family, so stay tuned for more information on how you can redeem your Reward Points soon. In the mean time, why not get a head-start by sending your loved ones a perfectly unique gift today?