Have a promotional code but don't know where to put it? Let us direct your eyes to the dainty little boxes just waiting for your little words of wonder and excitement (and free stuff!).

If your code's from us, one of our newsletters or anywhere that isn't a Shopkeeper themselves, then you'll most likely need to put it here:


You can find this box on both the View Basket and Checkout screens, so make sure you pop your promotional codes in before you place the order!


If you've been given a credit from a Shopkeeper, however, it will come in the form of a code you will enter a bit further down the page here:


To use the credit codes you'll need to select the correct Shop first, so make sure you know who gave it to you! Once entered into the box the code should deduct the full amount owed - if you have any problems with this, make sure to contact the issuing Shopkeeper.


Finally, if you have a Gift Card from a friend, family member or extremely generous stranger you'll need to put the code in here. Codes are case-sensitive, so when in doubt Copy and Paste it in where possible. You can also choose how much of the gift card you'd like to use, in case you want to save a little bit for later!