A new online marketplace specialising in British goods and services has opened to the public.

UK High Street is the newest venture from award-winning British retailer Parker's Great British Institution, winner of several Best British Shop awards.

The new marketplace promises to

offer a unique range of classic British products to customers all around the world.

In a statement to The Town Crier owner Damian Parker described the UK High Street having "British heritage at [its] core," ahead of a commitment

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to work closely with small businesses to sell their goods globally for the first time.

The launch of the UK High Street marks the first time an online marketplace has offered a fully virtual street for customers to shop on.

Parker hopes customers will feel a sense of nostalgia while browsing shops on the high street, despite being entirely online.

"People don't want to shop alone, they want to go on a proper shopping trip with their friends. Now they can go up and down the street, bring their friends over, try on clothes. It's a real high street experience."

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The UK High Street is set to expand its range of products by partnering with several leading British manufacturers.

Following a successful year for imported British goods a wider range of textiles, homeware and gifts is to be stocked from January.

Customers in the United States bought more luxury goods from Parker's in 2018 than the previous 3 years combined, marking an upward trend in appreciation for quality British manufacturing.

New companies are set to join established vendors such as Abraham Moon & Sons, designer Victoria Eggs and confectionary manufacturer Barney Jacks.

More details are due to be announced after Christmas.



Don't be a Billy No-Mates - shopping on the high street is a social experience! Get your friends together and take a shopping trip with easily-shared links, wish lists and your very own High Street for them to browse.

Don't forget to check out our apps too, with easy-to-use shopping companions for Android and iOS as well as revolutionary new tools for VR and AR headsets. Heritage doesn't have to be old hat!


The UK's high streets continue to slump following the escalation of three key pressure points in 2018.

Analysts identified changing consumer spending habits as the primary cause of Britain's high street retail crisis as more and more transactions move to online shops.

The economic health of the UK consumer also fell in the same period on a continuing trend in the wake of

Shoppers in York dwindle in number

Brexit, with wage rises not meeting inflation a key factor in the tightening of many households' wallets.

When surveyed on the parts of the High Street they missed the most, many shoppers identified the vibrant community spirit as the most important factor.

The UK High Street responded with assertions that a brand new Social Hub will be implemented alongside many more socially-oriented features as part of a new initiative to bring the spirit of the high street online as well as the goods.


We've all been there: your 'inseparable' group of shopping friends drifts apart as life takes its toll and you move away. Perhaps you'll have a reunion every now and then, snatching a moment of the good old days back for all-too-short a time. Sounds rather dismal, doesn't it? Luckily for all of us, the days of social shopping are coming back in force.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality shopping, once seen as impossibly futuristic, have now been with us for a couple of years already. Of course, it's all well and good putting a chunky headset on to look at the same old Amazon store page you're familiar with, but new developments in the technology are starting to bring the 'shopping' part back into our lives.

Crucially, you'll be able to bring your like-minded friends along with you, because who wants to go out shopping on their own? Sharing your favourite shops, browsing together or just chatting will all be possible.

The UK High Street's own VR and AR apps transport you right into a fully virtual High Street where you can stroll around visiting shops at your leisure - and leisure is the key word here. Too often is online shopping a mad dash to the cold and impersonal checkout, a desperate race to leave sterile marketplaces behind so you can get back to the warmth of life. By offering you a slower, friendlier pace and bringing


your friends along for the trip, the UK High Street is bringing back the fun of shopping without all the constraints of travel holding you back.

VR shopping shows no signs of slowing down, either. Thanks to the explosion of VR and AR technology and the unique ability to preview goods as if they were in front of you Goldman Sachs predicts spending through VR will reach $1.6 billion by 2025. You can be sure that the moment VR headsets hit the mainstream there'll be an explosion of interest in virtual shopping, so get your feet on the ground early with the UK High Street!