Battered Cod & Chips

Fish & chips - The ultimate British export dish! We use the finest Icelandic cod caught in the cleanest waters in the world - comes from the same boat that supplies top fish and chips restaurants in the UK. Made with secret batter recipe and custom grown potatoes.

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Fish & Chips - While both the north and south of England claim to have originated our most beloved meal, the first fish and chip shop opened in Lancashire, in the north, around 1863. Since then, fish and chips have been as much an icon of British life as Buckingham Palace, Bobbies on the beat and our obsession with the weather. In fact, fish and chips are so important, they were one of the only foods not rationed during the Second World War! Today, fish and chips are enjoyed throughout UK – particularly in traditional seaside towns, where they’re eaten straight out of the paper they’re wrapped in. 

At Parker’s we’ve stayed true to what makes this dish a delight, carefully selecting the best ingredients to bring you fish and chips as they should be. It starts with thick white cod, caught in the cleanest ocean waters of Iceland by a single boat; in fact it’s the same one supplying all the UK’s best chippies. 

Each fillet is then dipped in our secret-recipe batter and fried in our authentic British fryer until crisp and golden. As for the chips, we only use King Edward potatoes (the best) picked one day and in our shop the next. They’re peeled, thickly cut and then cooked to perfection. You’re more than welcome to come and visit our award-winning chip shop to try them fresh out the fryer, but if not we’ll happily send them out to you. All you have to do is reheat them in your oven and enjoy as they are - add salt and vinegar or a side of mushy peas if you like.

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