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The Swaledale Luxury Wooden Crate Hamper is filled to the brim with a large variety of traditional British products, all encased in an authentic wooden crate.

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The Swaledale Luxury Wooden Crate Hamper is one of Cartwright & Butlers most popular hampers, it includes a huge range of exquisite Cartwright and Butler treats and is famous for the large rustic wooden crate the goods are contained in.

Upon opening the Swaledale Luxury Crate you will find one of the most impressive assortments of luxury treats your eyes have ever set upon, leaving you with the difficult decision of which you will explore first.

The Swaledale Crate reveals a tin of 100% black English breakfast tea and a box of rich after-dinner blend coffee, the perfect full-bodied morning and evening winter brews.

Discover an array of Cartwright and Butlers finest preserves, including acacia honey with fresh honeycomb, fine cut three fruit marmalade made with a balance of orange, grapefruit and lemon, as well as a red onion marmalade preserve, a rich taste to partner with cheese and crackers.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the delicious sweet treats The Swaledale Crate has to offer, varying from our signature cherry and almond loaf cake to creamy all butter fudge, lemon and dark chocolate Viennese and a selection of Belgian chocolates.

The Swaledale Crate not only has an amazing line-up of goodies but also offers reusability with the crate it comes in, including rope handles on each end of the crate allowing it to be hung on walls as rustic decoration, or it can be used as a decorative container either indoors or outdoors.

The Swaledale Luxury Wooden Crate Hamper contains:

Acacia Honey with Comb: Featured in The Independent's 10 Best Honeys (2018), Mild honey with a delicate floral taste, presented in a signature clip-top jar

Fine Cut Three Fruit Marmalade: Orange, grapefruit and lemon, Cartwright & Butler original recipe, refreshing yet complex citrus marmalade

Red Onion Chutney: Slow-cooked red onions with black treacle, balsamic vinegar and our blend of spices, rich marmalade-style chutney, presented in a signature clip-top jar

Rhubarb & Custard Sweets: Tangy rhubarb and sweet creamy custard flavour, classic boiled sweets, presented in classic clip-top jar

Lemon & Dark Chocolate Viennese Whirls: Our twist on a classic, all-butter biscuit with zesty lemon, finished with a rich dark chocolate, presented in a beautiful clip-top tin

Chocolate Wafer Rounds: Crisp milk chocolate coated wafer, luxurious and light, filled with soft coconut cream

Belgian Chocolates Selection: Milk, dark and white chocolates, made for sharing, ideal as petit fours, presented in one of our signature metal tins

Rosemary Focaccia Bread Thins: Oven-baked, light and crisp, made with extra virgin olive oil

Coconut & Macadamia Nut Crumbles: All butter recipe, generous chunks of coconut & macadamia nut, crumbly biscuit, presented in tall clip top tin

English Breakfast Tea: Robust, full-bodied black leaf flavour with deep malty undertones and a rich finish

Cherry & Almond Loaf Cake in Tin: Moist cake, generous chunks of cherries and almonds, presented in signature loaf tin

After Dinner Blend Coffee: Intense, bold, full-bodied, 100% arabica beans, expertly roasted for rich, dark, chocolatey flavour

Butter Shortbread: All butter shortbread, contains around 10 biscuits,

No artificial flavours or preservatives

Butter Fudge: All butter fudge, creamy, made from an age-old Scottish recipe

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